Monday, 9 July 2012

Councillor Robert Rams welcomes the destruction of social housing in Barnet

Councillor Robert Rams posted this on Twitter today

The message could not be more clear or more stark. Rams is a cabinet member in Barnet and he wants to see the end of guaranteed tenure for Council House tenants. We can only assume that this is official Barnet Council policy.

It is quite clear that hard right Conservatives, such as Robert Rams, who have never had to worry when the next plate of din din's arrive because due to an accident of fate, mummy and daddy were wealthy, has no empathy at all for the millions of people in the UK who live on the breadline due to the ever more socially unjust policies of the Conservative government.

Rams clearly doesn't think children born into less well off households deserve the stability that an assurred home has. He clearly doesn't believe that pensioners who have spent their lives working in low paid jobs should have the right to live in the homes, surrounded by friends and family, that they lived all of their lives.

It is true that there is huge pressure on social housing in Barnet. This is not the fault of the people who need it. It is down to mismanagement of the housing stock on a grand scale. It doesn't seem to occur to Rams that less well off people have to love somewhere. I suspect that if you asked him, he'd say he'd prefer that they all F**ked off out of Barnet.

What idiots like Rams fail to appreciate is that the economy only survives because people do all th sh*tty, badly paid jobs, which twats like him consider beneath them. Rams gets a hefty salary at the public expense, sitting in a comfy office. It is paid for by the taxpayer. What does he do? He ensures that the likes of James Cleverly and Roger Evans, our GLA reps have enough paperclips and staples. He is the Conservative office manager at the GLA.

Until Robert Rams and his idiotic sidekick, Councillor Thomas Davey ( a man who makes his money ensuring the wroking classes are charged as much as possible for the pleasure of killing themselves - he is an accountant for a firm that flogs fags) explain how someone in London on the minimum wage could ever afford to buy a flat, I think we should treat them with the contempt they deserve.


baarnett said...

Quite right, Roger.

If there were plentiful private accommodation available, both rented and for first-time buyers, then it might be reasonable for a centre-right administration to "encourage" people to be "self-reliant".

Were that were so, though.

I can only assume the policy-makers didn't care to look at the real world.

Mrs Angry said...

I can't tell you how appalled I find the attitude of both Rams and Davey. Their lack of compassion for those who rely on social housing is deeply disturbing, and says so much about the Tory administration running this council.

baarnett said...

Of course, removing housing from under 25-year-olds in two years' time, and from others in five years' time, would be a decision of the next Barnet administration.

Whosoever that might be.

Morris Hickey said...

Given the reduction in size of the Tory group at City Hall ought not the salary paid there to Robot Trams be corresspondingly reduced?

baarnett said...

Morris H: It is conceivable that it is.

Maybe he is paid by a voluntary levy on the allowances of the members. That happens in the boroughs.

I think the GLA members automatically get a PA and a secretary, but Robby is an advisor to the whole group, isn't he? (Don't laugh.)

Morris Hickey said...

Not laughing, baarnett. Acting as "adviser" might go some way to explaining the appalling behavious that the member for my part of the world is capable of displaying towards a constituent.