Thursday, 5 July 2012

Barnet Council's new payment process - only 14 months late !

One of my friends who runs a business received this letter today from Barnet Council. 14 months after the Audit inquiry into what went wrong with Metpro, Barnet have come up with a cunning plan to stop people robbing them blind. They will now only pay invoices that include A VALID PURCHASE NUMBER !

In other words, it has taken them 14 months, since the Barnet blogging community exposed the shambles in Barnet Council. to figure out that you should only pay for goods and services that you've actually ordered.

This is the Council that tells us it is set up to outsource £1 billion worth of business and the running of all it's major functions.

I have redacted some key details from the letter, for obvious reasons. If you are very clever you can see what the guy who sent it to me thinks of Barnet, I won't say how though.

Click on image for more readable version
The scary thing (apart from the fact that it's taken 14 months to act on a very simple problem) is that if it hadn't been for the Barnet bloggers exposing Metpro, they still wouldn't even be doing this.

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Mr Mustard said...

Why speed payments to contractors?

q1. why "contractors" and "not suppliers"

q2. why spped them up instead of paying to the agreed terms of 30 or 60 days or whatever it is.