Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Saturday List #5 - My least favourite sportsmen

Tomorrow is the first time a Brit appears in the Wimbledon final since 1938. Sadly that Brit is Andy Murray. I hope he gets stuffed 6-0, 6-0, 6-0. Why you may ask? Well he always stikes me as a particularly charmless and dull individual. On top of that, his statement that he always cheered when the England football team lost meant I hold him in nothing but contempt. Wimbledon is in ENGLAND and if he doesn't like us, as far as I'm concerned he can "Feck Off". Not only that but Roger Federer has a very cool name and is a man who exudes class.  Anyway in honour of the sulky Scot, here's my list of all time least favourite Sports Stars.

1. Andy Murray (see above).

2. Roy Keane - He was a horrible player, responsible for ending Alf Inge-Haarlands career with a deliberate vicious assault of a tackle. If you watch the footage carefully, Keane spat on Haarland as he lay prostrate on the floor with a broken leg. He also let down the Irish national football team by flouncing out in the middle of a world cup. Football is a team game. Roy Keane thought he was bigger than the nation.

3. Sir Alex Ferguson - He is the manager of Manchester United and has lead them to a period of unrivalled domination of English football. As a Manchester City fan I loath him.

4. Joe Bugner. I'm a big fan of boxing, but I never warmed to Joe Bugner. He always seemed particularly charmless. This was reinforced by his demeanor on I'm a celebrity.

5. Don Revie. Revie fashioned a Leeds side that were cynical and dirty. Their footballing ethos was horrible. He then became England manager, replacing Sir Alf Ramsey who had won the world cup and made England into a real world footballing power. Eight years later under Revie they failed to even qualify for the World Cup. How can you like such a man.

6. Damon Hill. Formula One drivers should exude passion and excitement. Damon Hill was the Gordon Brown of motor racing. Dull, Dull Dull. I love drivers such as Senna who was the archetypal driver. I even like nutcases like Nigel Mansell, who won races purely on the tactic of having the largest gonads. What can we say about Hill? Nothing very interesting.

7. Dwain Chambers. I hate all drugs cheats. Every preson they have ever beaten has been cheated by them. That is bad enough, but Chambers bleating "it's not fair, I WILL go to the Olympics" makes me sick. I hope he comes last.

8. Chris Eubank. The only positive thing I can say about Mr Eubank is that he was in the right profession. He really is someone who you want to thump.

9. Sepp Blatter. The reasons are numerous, but his conversion to goal line technology when a decision benefitted England was the final straw.

10. Tony Gregg. The South African born England Captain, who annouced he'd make the West Indies (at their peak) grovel before the might of England. England were soundly thumped. There were clear racist overtones in Griegs comments. How fitting that such a man is only remembered for being an arse. Here is a great clip about the incident


button55 said...

Don`t worry Rog!..Murray will be "Scottish" again after tomorrow mate

Morris Hickey said...

You're both wrong. By law he's a citizen of the (may God help me!) European Union.

button55 said...

Indeed Morris, Just sit back and enjoy the implosion of the gravy train stokers and unelected parasites.I hear you can get a swanky villa in Spain for a song nowadays..

Dinky Londoner said...

He's the first Brit in a MENS SINGLE final since 1938 - don't forget Virginia Wade in 1977, and that mixed doubles couple a few years ago. Anyway, he may be a *****, but he's OUR *****!