Sunday, 29 July 2012

It's Barnet Eye Crowdsourcing fortnight !!!!!!!

Tomorrow marks the start of an experiment in Barnet blogging !!!!! It is the start of the Barnet Eye crowdsourcing fortnight. I have asked contributors old and new to submit guest blogs on a range of topics close to their heart. I will still be writing blogs, but the aim is to showcase the news, views and opinions of as many other people as possible during this time. There are some very interesting contributions on the way. Please feel free to submit your guest blogs to the Barnet Eye for crowdsourcing fortnight. I have a weeks worth lined up. I will be editing and submitting the next batch starting on Friday 3rd. SO send them in and I'll email you back next Friday to let you know. All I ask is that

a) You are a Barnet resident or have a strong link/interest in the Borough
b) You have a short biog
c) You send me a picture
d) You write the guest blog under your real name or if you want anonymity, you supply me your details and request that I withold them and suggest s pseudoname.

So get writing !

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baarnett said...

Hello Roger, my name's Brian, and I want to blog about the unjust loss of power and influence, suffered by some of us in the elite who claim the natural ability to lead.

It was only months ago that Barnet Council workers would lie prostrate before me, scattering salt and grit on the icy pavement ahead. Residents would come out of their homes to pay homage, knowing that I provided leadership and vision on matters that were above their intellect. Only I possessed the talent to make big decisions, and the little people and their views were of no concern to me.

However, I must have over-reached myself.

I will admit that taxi and limo journeys for a decade may have meant I failed to maintain my political instincts. I may also have eaten one too many expensive meals. Perhaps even appeared once too often, reviewing the newspapers, on the BBC News Channel.

It all went wrong. Terribly wrong.

Not for me, the anticipated pleasure of travelling in the Zil-lanes around London on official business. No longer any lobbying of me by industry, over investment decisions.

I no longer can use the VIP section of the Friern Barnet Summer Show marquee, where I used to dine in peace, away from the riff-raff, and leave in my car parked behind, next to the Mayoral limousine. Why has this natural order of things changed? Why must I walk home from there, on Sunday 19 August, 2012? Why am I nothing now?

But I can make a comeback! The ungrateful electorate and cowardly and schemimg Cabinet nonentities will see the error of their ways! I know about the career of Napoleon, and I have only suffered a temporary exile to Elba; I shall escape, and return to battle.

I need to blog regularly on your web site, Roger, to keep in the public eye. I know the irony there, since you blogged in the Barnet Times, until..., but, hey, I am a regular sort of guy.