Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Exclusive : The stress of working for Barnet Council

Have you ever wondered how stressfull life is at Barnet Council? Well all of your questions can be answered. Here are the results of a "stress survey" conducted within Barnet Council. The results are quite shocking
EPR Stress Survey - Staff

Here are a few comments

"Management support is very poor and there is a lack of direction within our team"

"Since all the changes taken/taking place in Barnet the managers are too busy trying to sell off the services. Staff are not a priority and any staff related issues are ignored".

"Some staff are treated better than others. One rule for some, another rule for others"

"Staff are always informed about change at work, not consulted"

"The main issue at work is not being given the tools to do your job properly"

"The main issue is lack of staffing. We have too much work to do with too few people. This means we have to sacrifice quality of work". 

This report is an official Barnet Council document. It makes shocking reading. The people who completed this survey provide some of the most important services in Barnet. This week we reported that Barnet Council have abolished posts in the audit department, due to being unable to find anyone willing to work for Barnet. Now we have proof that the organisation is a stressful workplace. Mr Nick Walkley, Barnet Council CEO states in the film, "A Tale of Two Barnets" that "staff are my second priority". Mr Walkley fails to recognise that without staff, all of his other priorities will fail.

Here is the entire Nick Walkley Interview, from "A Tale of Two Barnets" - unedited.

Mr Walkley says that the job is "getting the balance right between being supportive, whilst at the same time having to give really tough messages". I would suggest that this survey suggests that Mr Walkley is not doing the job very well. What do you think?

You can see more of the interviews from A Tale of Two Barnets at the films website.


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