Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What next from Robert Rams?

Yesterday Robert Rams posted a tweet proclaiming his great happiness at the demise of Council housing. This silly little berk (in the classical sense of the word), who clearly was born with a silver spoon shoved somewhere the sun doesn't shine is fast becoming a complete embarrassment. He has been caught out time and time again for misleading the general public, in small matters (tweeting he was at Mill Hill Library when he wasn't - know I went there to see him) to large matters (wasting six months of Friern Barnet library campaigners time inviting bids to keep the library open, when he'd already decided to sell the building and pocket the capital receipt).

Politics is a game of trust and noone who knows Robert Rams trusts him. This blog regularly has comments left by a former Tory councillor who lives in Havering and knows Rams through the GLA. Even he doesn't trust him and has said so publicly. When I read Rams comments, I was reminded of when I was about 18 years old. I met a rather lovely young lady who lived in Henley on Thames. I went up to see her and we spent an afternoon in a pub by the Thames. At one point a group of disabled young people arrived and embarked in some boats. We were having a beer and I commented that it was really nice to see them having fun. Almost as I said it a group of about 15 young men in rather extravagent suits walked past. One spied the group and shouted "look, there's a bunch of mongies in the river". They all stopped and started pointing an outrageous volley of abuse was launched. One of the group then made a gesture imitating a rifle. He exclaimed "Harpoon the disabled" and the group lined up like an imaginary firing squad. They then lost interest and sauntered off down the road. I was absolutely stunned by their crass attitude. I have a cousin who suffers from Downs syndrome, I am taking her on holiday in a few weeks for a week. She's my age and lives in a care facility run by Barnet Council, does she not deserve a home for life? I cannot possibly explain my disgust. The image has stuck with me since. Whenever I hear of the poor, disabled and disenfranchised being picked on, I always remember the incident. Whilst the behaviour of those berks in suits was repulsive, it didn't put anyone out on the streets. Sadly the berks in power in Barnet who want to sling people out on the street, will cause far worse damage.

The comments of Rams reminded me of that incident. Many people in Barnet live in Council Houses, it is there home. Many are elderly. They will read Robert Rams comments and worry. Some will be families on low incomes doing vital work. They will worry about the future. Rams gloats about ending the concept of "a council house for life". My question is this. When exactly does Rams want to kick people out of their homes? When they get old? When they become disabled? I take the opposite view on this issue. I believe that a civilised society ensures that every citizen should have a right to a roof over their head, no matter how poor, old or disabled they are. Robert Rams later tweeted that he based his support for the abolition of council housing on an editorial comment in the Sun. This is the man in charge of libraries and culture in Barnet (one museum and one library shut under his watch). 

People sometimes ask me why I seem to get so upset on this blog about "stupid statements" by Barnet Councillors. The reason is because they make decisions which can have calamatous effects on people's lives. If it is clear that they lack the life experience and compassion to adminiister power properly, people suffer. Sadly it is always the most vulnerable. That is why. 

Rams is of courser entitled to his views. He's entitled to gloat on twitter if he wants. If I was Richard Cornelius, I'd sack him for his poor judgement.

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Morris Hickey said...

If I am the former Tory councillor to whom you refer I am actually in Redbridge - but the GLA constituency of Havering & Redbridge.

In my limited experience of him Robot Trams is a pompous, self-important little twit. (I could use an alternative 4-letter noun but you would only delete it!). My contact with him was when he was "brown nosing" for my pathetic cowardly elected representative on the GLA.