Monday, 16 July 2012

Rog T on the Londonist Out Loud Podcast

I took part in this weeks "Londonist Out Loud" podcast, recorded at Barnet Museum.

There is a great discussion about the crisis facing Barnet Museum, also appearing were

  • Mike Norona, Treasurer of the museum
  • Dr Gillian Gear, Archivist at the museum
We also discussed the death of the Boroughs other museum, Church Farmhouse museum and how the artefacts are being flogger off. Dr Gillian Gear explains how when she joined the museum she was the only woman involved. She also explained how she went from being a girl who failed at school to getting a PhD as a result of her involvement with the museum. She is a living example of the role such establishments have to play. The discussion also turned to the One Barnet project and previous mistakes in procurements.

We then got into talking about chips at the Olympics site and the MacDonalds. Strangely this led back to Helen Michael being interviewed by S015 about the Olympic torch route. We also discussed harrassment of homeless people by the police in the run up to the Olympics. I explained my experience of talking to people using the Passage homeless centre and how they are being moved on.

Dr Gear gives a fascinating tour of the museum, explaining the history of some of the artefacts. There are also discussions about other hot topics.

Well worth a listen. The Londonist is featured in our sidebar, keep an eye on it for all the best London stories

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