Thursday, 12 July 2012

A response to Councillor Robert Rams

Councillor Robert Rams has chosen to respond to comments I have made about him, in his "ad Nauseum" blog. Here is what he had to say. As he probably won't publish my response, I thought that maybe I should  publish my response here.

I suspect that Rams has chosen to start this debate in an effort to get more blog hits. I suspect that this proves what many of us have known for a while. Rams is rather thin skinned and is not really cut out for the political hurly burly he seems to want to make a career out of. Can you imagine him at PMQ's ? (That isn't an early Friday joke)

Here are Rams comments (either click link or read below)

I have had some rubbish written about me over the last few years, mainly by one person who I don’t think I have said more than five words to in my life – but today has hit an all time low. So I am going to fisk his article about me.
My (Rams) comments are in bold
Yesterday Robert Rams posted a tweet proclaiming his great happiness at the demise of Council housing.
No I did not, I tweeted that I was happy to see the end of the guaranteed council house of life for new tenants. What is this world if we do not want to help people get out of the dependency culture and free up more council housing for those who really need it?

This silly little berk (in the classical sense of the word),

As ever, if you lose the argument – insulting someone is where you go next, well done Roger!

who clearly was born with a silver spoon shoved somewhere the sun doesn’t shine is fast becoming a complete embarrassment.
You know nothing of my upbringing – but needless to say your insults towards my father and my late mother yesterday on your blog, really were disgusting. Nevertheless, your well-worn obsession with penetration, scatology and my parentage say a lot more about you than about me.
He has been caught out time and time again for misleading the general public, in small matters (tweeting he was at Mill Hill Library when he wasn’t)

I was there – just because you got there after I had left and I did not make myself known to the staff – you really are a sad little man for making this up.

to large matters (wasting six months of Friern Barnet library campaigners time inviting bids to keep the library open, when he’d already decided to sell the building and pocket the capital receipt).

Funny cos we now have a community bid with which we are working – is it tiring constantly being proved wrong?
Politics is a game of trust and no one who knows Robert Rams trusts him.

Perhaps we should just add this to the list of unsubstantiated nonsense that I can’t be bothered to rebut.
This blog regularly has comments left by a former Tory councillor who lives in Havering and knows Rams through the GLA. Even he doesn’t trust him and has said so publicly.
This is a man (the ex tory councillor) who is upset with me because I had to intervene in a private matter between himself and an Assembly Member and his response was to describe me as a Nazi. As someone who lost family to the Nazi this is the worst thing you could ever say.

When I read Rams comments, I was reminded of when I was about 18 years old. I met a rather lovely young lady who lived in Henley on Thames. I went up to see her and we spent an afternoon in the pub. At one point a group of disabled young people arrived and embarked in some boats. We were having a beer and I commented that it was really nice to see them having fun. Almost as I said it a group of about 15 young men in rather extravagent suits walked past. One spied the group and shouted “look, there’s a bunch of mongies in the river”. They all stopped and started pointing an outrageous volley of abuse was launched. One of the group then made a gesture imitating a rifle. He exclaimed “Harpoon the disabled” and the group lined up like an imaginary firing squad. They then lost interest and sauntered off down the road. I was absolutely stunned by their crass attitude. I have a cousin who suffers from Downs syndrome, I am taking her on holiday in a few weeks. I cannot possibly explain my disgust. The image has stuck with me since. The comments of Rams reminded me of that.
Can you stoop any lower?
The sheers gloating about an attack on people less well off and less able to cope. Rams is of courser entitled to his views. He’s entitled to gloat on twitter if he wants. If I was Richard Cornelius, I’d sack him for his poor judgement.
So, Roger, lets be clear, you insult, imply and make things up – and you think I have a trust issue!

Here is my response

I doubt you will publish this, but here is my reply anyway. Let me go through your points.
Firstly re your tweet. You said “welcome news from Cllr Davey … – The end of a council house for life in Barnet” – – You said nothing about “for new tenants”. You cannot even tell the truth in your own blog.
Second. I insulted you because I believe you deserve it. Your comments would cause great distress to the thousands of council house tenants in Barnet. You revel in having power without taking responsibility.
Third. I said nothing about your parentage and would not do so. To twist my words as such is clearly rather sad and desperate. The comment was clearly directed at your lack of compassion for families on low pay, who you seem to have no empathy at all for.
Fourth. I was at Mill Hill library within 2 minutes of you tweeting the fact that you claimed to be present, I spoke to staff (as you know). I asked if they knew you and they said “yes”. As you are their boss, I had no reason to doubt them. They said you were planning to come later. I challenged you to release the CCTV footage to prove you were their and you declined to do so.
Fifth. You have publicly stated that you sought a capital receipt from the sale. It is a matter of public record that you mislead the Save Friern Barnet LIbrary campaign. If you have changed your mind, that doesn’t mean you didn’t mislead them.
Sixth, where is this list?
Sixth. It is clearly not my fault if Robert Rams falls out with a ex senior member of his own party. How can he hold me responsible for that? I did not make the comments, merely noted that he had.
As to “making things up”, you make the allegation but you don’t provide any evidence of this charge. What have I ever made up? I don’t need to. You are clearly rather thin skinned and have a problem with the truth, as demonstrated yet again.
Roger Tichborne
In the words of Spirit "we ain't got nothing to hide"


Morris Hickey said...

The "ex-Tory counillor" had an unsolicited approach from Robot Trams on behalf of the useless prat who is elected to represent Havering & Redbridge on the GLA. I know not whether Trams volunteered, was instructed, or simply agreed. Fact is that he did. He was dictatorial instructing me to direct all my inquiries through him and not directly to my democratically elected representative. He behaved like a Nazi, so that is what I called him. He's a pathetic little twat, just like the GLA member on whose behalf he intervened in a personal dispute.

Morris Hickey said...

As a matter of strict accuracy I did NOT call Robot Trams a Nazi. I said that he was BEHAVING LIKE a Nazi. But I'm sure that Robot would not want to let mere facts stand in the way of what he might see as a good story.

Moaneybat said...

What an ignorant little cockroach and poor politician Ramsboty is in spinning out " council housing is for life" etc much in the same way he could not differentiate between "behaving" like a Nazi from "describe me as a Nazi" when refering to a 3rd party in his blog. Maybe he was looking at colleague Coleman when he said that. There is little difference between council and housing association, both are subsidised by the taxpayer.

This chancer (what upbring?)whom cannot buy class just because he earns a middle-income salary should understand that council housing was built to house and give the kids from poor backgrounds an opportunity to do better than their council housed parents. He should be reminded that one of those council house children could have been a Tory Prime Minister, one Rt Hon, David Davis, MP,sadly he lost out (possibly council house background) to Cameron of the " Bug Society". Another council house success story shouts "You're fired" on our TV sets. In their footsteps there have been many others who have done well.

The "guaranteed council house for life." if it's guaranteed in Barnet why is it that Barnet seeks to evict the family member of a late tenant that we read about so often in our local papers?

The problem Rams vollocks has, is convincing that he has what it takes to be a mover or shaker but is best suited to cleaning the Town Hall toilet.

Morris Hickey said...

Have you noticed, Moaneybat, that this blog is post-moderated meaning that the blog owner trusts the contributors? Robot Trams's blog, however, relies on his decision about publishing - in other words it's operated by a control freak.

askmikefreer said...
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Steve said...

I added a comment to Rams' blog article

He was too cowardly to post it. The twerp is not interested in debate...

Here is the post in full, the issues that Rams is 'arguing' in Council, he will not debate in public

"I doubt you will publish this, but those calling for OneBarnet to be scrapped have every point and this week was just a call to put it to the people not to scrap it which you have denied.

Why should we believe this will benefit the council tax-payers of Barnet? This is a project conceived by off-payroll consultants who are also driving the agenda.

This was never in the manifesto. Cornelius stated was the alternative is job losses, service degradation and increase in council tax – if that is the case, show us the evidence. We have nothing but baseless claims that the private sector will deliver services more efficiently. Why can\’t you fix whatever problems exist in house?

The numbers do not add up, first these is the upfront costs to the council tax payers of the planning and tendering process, you ought to be able to tell us how much has been spent on this project so far and that answer should be immediately available.

Next there is the money spent by the bidders, all of them not just the winning bidders. How much is being spent on lawyers and accountants fees drawing the tender process and contracts by both sides, and how much will be spend on monitoring and challenging poor performance? How much will BT / Capita take in profits?

All of these additional overhead costs are spent before any services are provided.The maths are simple, the overheads and profits take money from service provision.

Next, what experience does the Council have in this? What experience do you personally have? How can we trust you to being doing the right things for Barnet residents?

The council has been failing in the past and still appears to be failing?

Let the people have a say, if you are right then convince us with facts and figures, let us decide if we think you have the experience to do this.

Morris Hickey said...

Steve. Censorship and suppresion of free speech have been the hallmarks of the KGB, the Stasi, the Gestapo, the Communists in China and North Korea - and now joined by bloggers Robot Trams and Roger Evans.