Thursday, 9 August 2012

Guest Blog - Do I deserve a holiday? by Wobbly Dave

I read the Barnet Eye blog about Rog T taking his cousin to Lourdes. I am pleased that Theresa got a holiday and good for Rog for taking her.

I would like a holiday as well, but I don't want to go to Lourdes. I don't believe in it and it really isn't my thing. Sadly, I can't afford it. I can't afford anything. It is a struggle just to make ends meet and a holiday is a luxury I'll be forgoe this year and probably next year and the year after. I'm depressed and I can't see anything getting any better. I'd like a week in Cornwall or Devon, just sitting on the sea front staring at the sea. I can't really do much else. I last did this two years ago when a friend paid to 'cheer me up' and took me.

All I do is sit in my flat and worry. I've read comments from people who say 'why should the taxpayer pay for people to lounge about on holiday?' Well if you'd sat in your flat for two years, with the odd hour out when it isn't raining to be pushed around the park, you'd know. If the highlight of your summer was a picnic and a beer in Sunny Hill Park (oh I forget, they've banned public drinking in Barnet) you'd realise why. I'm lucky, I have a few mates who are good to me. Some people don't even have that. I don't want their charity and I felt bad about going to Devon because it cost my mate money he couldn't afford either. Maybe my mates could save everyone a bit of bother and by me a ticket to Switzerland for one last holiday. At times I feel that this would save everyone a load of hassle. No, I'm not suicidal, but I get the feeling that some of our politicians think that should be the number one option on care packages for people like me.

And don't email me and say 'I'll pay for you to have a holiday' because I don't want charity. I just want something a bit like a life. I think that in a rich country that is something everyone should get occasionally.
Wobbly Dave is a disabled Barnet resident who lives independently. He wishes me to state that this is not an appeal for donations. It is just him letting you know how he feels. Guest blogs are always welcome

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tw said...

Thanks for writing this, Dave!

Thanks for your courage, thanks for speaking up.

We seriously need people like you in our campaigns, as we need those who are not affected by disability (yet, in many cases...) to hear you and understand.

Not many with disabilities have enough energy, confidence and optimism to speak up. (Yes, optimism! You may say you are depressed, but you wouldn't have bothered if you thought there is no hope for a change).

We need you because it is precisely this effective silencing of disabled people and of carers that this government and this council rely on when they shamelessly implements cuts to disability benefits and services.

So thanks, and I truly hope to meet you for a joint action, if nothing else.