Saturday, 25 August 2012

Richard Cornelius Interview - Sometimes outsourcing is better !

What the Barnet Eye is about to say may seem like heresy, but we agree with the Leader of Barnet Council. SOMETIMES OUTSOURCING IS BETTER !!!!!

Just to prove it, here are two interviews with Richard Cornelius. The first is produced by Barnet Council, to celebrate his first year as Leader of Barnet Council. As you will see it is rather heavily edited to remove what? We don't know. The second is the interview which Richard did with Charles Honderick, in it's entirity. This interview is on the Tale of Two Barnet website gallery and has been since shortly after the realease of the film. This is not edited at all. Which do you find more interesting. The Charles Honderick interview was filmed in February, when Richard had been in the job for six months - - I suppose it is worth making the point that unlike Richards inhouse interview and the One Barnet Outsourcing program, Charles Honderick's interview didn't cost the taxpayer a penny.

Official In House Barnet council interview

 Charles Honderick's outsourced interview

You may notice that you can actually hear Richard on Charles Hondericks interview

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