Sunday, 19 August 2012

Stabbing in Mill Hill Broadway

Update Weds 16:57- It appears that the incident was not a stabbing but a punch. Given the blood everywhere, the victim must have taken a hefty blow to the head.


Last night there was a serious stabbing in Mill Hill Broadway. The police sealed off the area from the Marks and Spencers to the entrance of Best One Supermarket. It appears that the stabbing may have been the result of an argument between patrons of the Bridge Tavern, the pub next door to Marks and Spencers.

Police were interviewing witnesses and collecting forensic evidence. The victim was lying in a pool of blood being comforted by friends until the emergency services arrived. The Barnet Eye visited the scene at about 9.30 pm. One of the staff from the pub was overheard saying that the victim was in a serious state. Police were taking statements from witnesses and encouraging people to disperse.

The Barnet Eye is most alarmed to hear of a stabbing at my local pub. The Bridge is generally a rather quiet establishment, not known for raucous behaviour. Many locals pop in for a swift half on their way home. Rumour has it that Marks and Spencers have previously tried to buy the establishment, as they are not keen on their customers walking through the clouds of smoke of the drinkers having a ciggie. As it is the only pub in Mill Hill, it would be a shame if this incident adversely affected it.

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