Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Saturday List #11 - Ten tell tale signs of a failed Local Authority

1. Habitual lateness in answering FoI requests.

2. Habitual ignoring of results of consultations.

3.  Habitual use of tax avoidance ruses by senior staff employed nominally as contractors.

4. Habitual rubber stamping of decisions in cabinet, with no proper debate at all.

5. Failure to take action against councillors who habitually insult members of the public.

6. Council Leaders who claim they are powerless to change anything.

7. Chief Executives who refuse to attend seminars on improving efficiency, run by nantionally recognised experts in the field.

8. Senior Councillors who habitually tell lies about their actions and intentions with regards to council policy.

9. Chief Executives who send around weekly memo's to all staff, which contain messages which are designed to motivate staff, but have the opposite effect, because staff know it's nonsense.

10. Councils which have no effective system of controlling or monitoring suppliers.

Sadly, every single one of these is an absolute hallmark of the way business is conducted at Barnet Council. Everyone associated with Barnet Council, knows that under Nick Walkley's leadership as CEO, all of the above are the norm, not the exception. I wonder what it says on Nick walkley's CV? Do you suppose much mention is made of any of this? As to Leader Richard Cornelius, he claims he has no power to change anything, there is one thing he could change rather easily. He could resign and let someone who was prepared to make the tough decisions needed to sort this mess out.

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