Thursday, 23 August 2012

Believe nothing you read about Barnet Council in the Barnet Blogs !

Today the horrible truth dawned on me that I've wasted the last four and a half years of my life writing this stupid blog. Over the past week, it has become patently clear that no one in Barnet Council really has a clue what is going on. The senior officers says one thing, the Leader says another and the Deputy Leader says something different again. The Barnet Eye has our own little cabal of employees and councillors who tell us the odd snippet of information, and we get envelopes stuffed full of interesting papers through the post occaasionally.

The point is that if the organisation itself hasn't got a clue what is going on, what on earth is the point writing a blog about it? I rather feel that it is like the football pundits in the Sun. If Manchester United play Manchester City, one will predict United to win, One wuill predict City and one will predict a draw. That way, the Sun can always say "It woz the Sun that got it right" and print highlights from the article.

So is Pam Wharfe right that One Barnet is now going to be a joint venture? Is Richard Cornelius right when he says that No decision has been taken and it would need a pretty convincing case to change tack? Is Dan Thomas right that a Joint Venture is safer?

Search me. Here is my best guess though ** Pleae read this with caution ** I believe that the bidders are getting cold feet. They are worried about the reputational damage. they know that the Barnet bloggers have the ear of Eric Pickles and they know that Barnet is a media hotbed. Why on earth would Capita and BT want to run the risk of destroying their reputations? They have been religiously checking this blog on a daily basis several times, re reading old blogs etc. They can see the future, even if Barnet can't. They know that a joint venture guarantees profit and minimises risk. As there is no risk at all, they can experiment with no fear of losses. Who are the bidders actually in dialog with? Not Richard Cornelius, he's been on holiday and he only works one day a week at NLBP. Not Dan Thomas, why on earth should they bother with him? Nope, they've been talking to Pam Wharfe. So who would you trust to know their intentions and desires?

That is why I believe that even though Ruichard Cornelius doesn't know it yet, that is what Nick Walkley will tell him to sign off on. And I believe that is what will happen unless something rather unexpected happens, like a certain well known councillor, wiith a reputation to build, stabs dear old Richard in the back and nicks his job. And of that happens, anything could happen. So don't believe a word you read here.

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