Wednesday 29 August 2012

Saracens CPZ zone set to turn Mill Hill into a wasteland !

Barnet Council have just released a map showing the extents of parking chaos and disruption which will be caused to Mill Hill by the arrival of Saracens at Barnet Copthall Stadium. The extent of the "match day CPZ" is humungous, extending on the western side from Mill Hill Broadway Station in Station Road, to the large viaduct on Dollis Road in the East. The most northerly point is Hartley Avenue (just off Mill Hill Broadway) and the the most southerly point is Church Road Finchley.

The zone operates from the 1pm to 6pm on match days and other times if match times vary. What this means is that most of Mill Hill's residents will not be able to have visitors on the days that Saracens are playing. For many working people, Saturdays are the prime time for visiting relatives. What about the effect on the shops in Mill Hill Broadway? The new CPZ will remove much of the parking for the Broadway on the Woodlands Way/Sylvan Avenue roads. After the abolition of Pay as You Go, this is yet another blow for traders.

I have to state a vested interest here. My business is in Bunns Lane Works, which is also included. Whilst on the face of it, this shouldn't affect us, as we have off street parking, given the size and extent of the zone, we may well suffer as inconsiderate car owners try and park on our properties.

The plan exposes the lies that were peddled that there is ample parking provision at the stadium. If this were true, then we wouldn't need this massive exclusion area. All along, Mill Hill residents have had suspicions that they have been taken for a ride. This is now proven by this map.

It is quite clear what will happen. As ever Barnet Council have not thought this through at all. Roads on the edge of the zone, with access to the 221 bus, which serves the stadium will be stuffed full of cars. The roads slightly nearer will be dead, with residents unable to have visitors. Businesses in Mill Hill Broadway, Mill Hill East, Salcolme Gardens etc will see a massive downturn in business.

The timings for the CPZ are truly idiotic and show just how out of touch Barnet Council are. The solution is so simple and obvious. If the time of the match is 3pm-5pm, make the exclusion zone from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. That way, Rugby traffic will not be able to park, as they will miss the match, but the rest of us will not be largely inconvenienced. How hard is that to figure out?

If you are a Mill Hill resident or a Mill Hill based business, please contact your local councillors ASAP and let them know what you think.

As I am sure you guessed, I will be.

Their email accounts are :

The DPR giving details is here

Here is the map

Saracens CPZ Map


Mr Mustard said...

Roger, I think you mean the rest will not be inconvenienced but readers will realise that.

By the way there are only 700 car parking spaces at Copthall. Throw in a few coachs which take up 4 or 5 spaces each, players and staff cars and there won't be much left for people who have paid to see the game.

300 cycle spaces though although visitors from Exeter, say, are not likely to arrive that way.

Rog T said...

Thanks, corrected it. What annoys me is that there is no proper consultation on these proposals. There is no justification for the timings of the exclusion zone, which I suspect is seen by the council as a money maker. Disgusting

BrentCrossCrick said...

Given the redevelopment at Brent Cross, Colindale and Mill Hill East, any council that considered the public interest would have backed reopening the railway through Copthall.

See for instance.

A light-railway like the DLR is backed by Ealing, Brent and Harrow councils - but not Barnet.

Anonymous said...

Quote "make the exclusion zone from 3.30pm to 4.30pm"

Would an hour be enough for the parking weasels to maximise their revenue?

Zoe said...

We are on the edge with no off street parking. Our only choice if we return before match end is to park across neighbours drives. Barnet can issue tickets on that basis so realistically as we are just over the line we will not get anywhere near our house. I would hate to have to have residents parking as with the marked bay comes a great big sign on a post giving relative times. Outside a 300 year old cottage in a conservation area would be a travesty. We suffer with school parking Monday to Friday now it looks like our weekends are going to be a military operation with planning. Not a wasteland Roger more like Motown. Continuous nose to tail parking where the zone ends. No one has mentioned the other events like concerts. They are bound to come.

Unknown said...

Has anyone seen the metal posts that have started to appear on the roads? On Milespit hill there are posts every few metres even though there are existing posts for disabled bays or other street signage (no ball games etc).

The street is now covered in posts and looks ugly. Why can't they have signs just at the entrance to the road?

Badly planned and the council told me that we the tax payer are paying for signage - Saracens are only paying for the permits.

I am betting in a few years the entire area will be a CPZ all of the time - this is just an underhand way for Barnet Council to get it in place.