Thursday, 30 August 2012

Young Barnet carer lights Olympic torch for Matthew Pinsent

A bit late in the day, but I've just been sent  a link that has made me rather proud. A young carer from barnet, Lauran Ferebee lit Matthew Pinsents Olympic torch on the Olympic torch relay.

Matthew then took the torch down the river on the Gloriana.

Lauran received this honour in recognition for her work as a carer for her younger sister. Lauran has been a rock for her mum. You may wonder why I am so proud? Well her dad was my best friend and business partner. He helped me set up my studios and tragically died in 2001 of Pancreatic Cancer after a horrific battle.

Wherever he is now, I bet he's beaming at what a great kid Lauran has grown up to become.

In life people don't always get the recognition they deserve. I am made up for Lauran, her mum Michelle and the rest of the family.

You can watch the handover of the flame. Move this clip to 7:38.

I wasn't blogging when Ernie passed away. One day I will write an obit for him. He was a great guy. 

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David Casson said...

He was a top guy. Nice one Rog.