Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Joint blog - One Barnet : The Tail is wagging the corpse of the dead dog by Tilly and Poppy

By Tilly and Poppy,

Last night, I commented to Mrs T (The wife, not the erstwhile Mike Freer fan club blogger) that the One Barnet project is like a dead dog. After reading Mrs Angry's latest blog, detailing how the officers have taken control of the project - http://wwwbrokenbarnet.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/the-art-of-audit-in-broken-barnet-or.html - I then commented that the tail was now wagging the dog.

It seems that all of these comments have rather upset the canine members of the household. This morning they staged their very own protest in the front room at all the doggist comments. The United Canine Front for Barnet issued the following proclaimation this morning

"Ruff, ruff, grrr, ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff!"

Ruffly translated this means "Look mate, we may be dogs, but we ain't stupid and if you keep using doggist language, associating us with this crock, we will pee in your shoe. Dogs have feelings too you know".

And who can blame them for being upset. The One Barnet project has had many names, Future Shape, Easy Council, to name but a few. The latest jolly wheeze dreamed up by the council is to try and find anything they've done right in the last couple of years and claim it's a One Barnet project. Sadly they are so useless that even on this level successes are few and far between.

I was reminded of the scene in "The Life of Brian" where the question is asked "What have the Romans ever done for us?". Well what have the Barnet Tories and One Barnet ever done for us?

Grit running out
The Metpro Scandal
Aerodrome Road Bridge project fiasco
The SAP project fiasco
The Underhill Enquiry fiasco
The CPZ fiasco
The Abolition of Pay as You Go
The Abolition of Sheltered housing fiasco
The RM Countrtysides fiasco
The Iceland bank fiasco
Rats infesting the datacentres (datagate)
Executives avoiding tax (more in Barnet than the whole country according to a parliamentary enquiry)
Expensive laptops ordered then put straight into storage
Officers spending £15,000 to have telly in their offices
Barnet Council putting videos of local Nazis slagging of Jews on Youtube
Councillors abusing local people by email
Councillors voting themselves huge pay rises
Closure of childrens centres
Closure of Friern Barnet library
Anti Irish racism from councillors

To name but a few. No wonder Barnet Council is going to the dogs cats !

If your pet is protesting against One Barnet, feel free to send us their picture and guest blog

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BrentCrossCrick said...

You could add "Passing the Brent Cross Cricklewood plan" to your list.

It is a shame that the disreputable planning committee meetings could not be recorded at the time - thanks to the later work of the bloggers, they could be now.