Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Saturday list #10 - One Barnet Olympic Sports

Barnet Council has been criticised for it's anti sports policies, buildding over playing fields, evicting football clubs etc. There are some things they would excel at if they ever become Olympic Sports. Here's a list of a few.

1 Closing libraries. Robert Rams would certainly get a medal for shutting Friern Barnet.

2 Bullying decent people. Conservative councillor Kate Salinger was a victim of this when she opposed giving councillors a pay rise

3 Abolishing sheltered housing wardens. Barnet lead the field in this spiteful policy.

4 Decimating the High Streets. Barents parking charges have driven dozens of local businesses out of the Borough. The architect of this policy,  Brian Coleman has toured the borough claiming it was nothing to do with him.

5 Racking up legal fees. Whilst budgets everywhere are chopped, Barnet seems to lurch from one court case to another. The only pattern is that lawyers earn a fortune.

6. Employing consultants on tax avoiding schemes. Two words - Andrew Travers. The Deputy CEO of Barnet.

 7. Bad Press. Is there a more Pr useless council in the land.

8. Pork pies. The Barneteye has had countless examples of porkies from the council. The worst examples are those regarding Friern Barnet library, where campaigners were strung along for months. A new word has entered the Barnet dictionary. To be "Ramsbottomed" this means being misled by an organisation for months on end.

9. Corporate Ineptitude. Google "metpro" if you need to know more.

10. Marvellous people. I really couldn't finish this list on a low. If all of the above are terrible, if nothing else it has brought the best out of our community.

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baarnett said...

"...building over playing fields"

Barnet residents who are 'Olympics legacy enthusiasts' should note something I have been told:

Barnet council has encouraged the Metropolitan Police to concrete over the Hendon playing fields and running track - as shown in the council's "Colindale Area Action Plan".

This site ought to be developed as a north London facility (since the Police are apparently unconcerned about their physical fitness any longer).

Unlike Copthall, there is good public transport, with Colindale tube station next door. Because of the easy journey, I would have thought that Camden organisations might be interested in joint use.