Saturday, 4 August 2012

Richard Cornelius comes out as a One Barnet convert

Richard Cornelius has given an extraordinary interview to the Hendon Times.

He makes some extraordinary statements. He has the gall to blame shopkeepers for driving away customers. He says "Their PR campaign has been really very successful but unfortunately they have actually persuaded people that it’s difficult and expensive to park so they’re shooting themselves in the foot". Does Mr Cornelius take responsibility for anything?

As to One Barnet? He says "I’ve been converted. It seems to be going to deliver big savings" If this really is the case, why haven't they published the full business case? Why, if he is so sure, will he not attend the APSE briefings with Nick Walkley, the CEO? Most sane and rational people, when making important decisions, listen to all sides of the argument. Sadly, like many zealous religious converts, it seems Richard Cornelius isn't interested in hearing the other side of the story.

As to the level of services - "remarkably few people have noticed any diminishment in the services" - Sadly the "remarkable few" are mostly people in the most dire need. They often have no voice and Mr Cornelius clearly isn't that bothered.

Sadly the Times haven't asked any searching questions. They merely suggest that readers leave their comments. Please do. I have.

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