Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Saturday List #12 - Ten shops win Mill Hill Broadway which I really miss

1.  Woolworths - Mill Hill is not the same without Woolies

2.  Maxfields Art Shop - Every High Street should have an art shop

3. Stephen Sigers Record Shop - Moved from Edgware to Mill Hill in the 1980's

4. Budgens - Now M&S - I preferred Budgens, more a shop for the ordinary man !

5. Nat Jacobs fishmongers - When the fishmonger goes, the High Street starts to die.

6. King & Co - Greengrocers - A fine establishment, produce always fresh

7. Kentfields toy shop - Tiny shop, which as a child was like Santa's grotto

8. H.A Blunt and Sons - AKA the Model Shop. Trainsets, Scalextrix, Airfix models, fantastic !

9. The David Anstee - The last proper baker in Mill Hill Broadway

10.  Acceleration - Car accessories.

Put all these back and you'd have a proper High Street. So what have they become?

1. Iceland. Yawn !
2. Jewellers
3. Hairdressers
4. Marks and Spencers
5. Half Full Cafe
6. Dry Cleaners
7. Phone Shop
8. Estate agents
9. Costa coffee - yet another coffee bar
10. Financial Services company 


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button55 said...

And the cheese shop that never was !