Wednesday 21 June 2017

Grenfell Tower - The rich vs the poor?

The right wing press have been having a right old go at Jeremy Corbyn over his suggestion that the Council requesition empty properties in the Borough as emergency housing for homeless residents. They have tried to portray this as some sort of crazy socialist agenda to punish the mega rich. I have a few observations.

1. No one is being punished, as unlike the poor and homeless residents, they are not homeless, they have a nice comfy bed elsewhere.

2. They are not being evicted, the properties are empty and simply being used as investment vehicles.

3. The term is "emergency housing". Ie it is a short term measure in response to a crisis. Presumably, they would get compensation for the period. There is no suggestion that they would lose the ownership, they would simply be doing something socially useful. When permanent housing was available, the properties would revert to the original owner and presumably, the taxpayer would pick up the bill for any repairs etc.

4. It is quite normal in times of emergency and crisis for housing to be requisitioned. Read your history books about World War II.

5. Is it not morally repugnant that there are mega rich people who haven't simply opened the doors of their empty flats and mansions to help their needy neighbours? They shouldn't need asking, they should do it out of a sense of moral responsibility. It is not often that we get the chance to help our fellow man, so we should grasp it with a sense of zeal.

I have done much work over the years with the homeless. I have felt sad and impotent that I have been unable to help house the poor residents of my city who have been left homeless by this tragedy. The concept that there are people who could and haven't is sickening. The concept that mega rich foreign billionares who control our press have put the boot into Jeremy Corbyn for suggesting something that is simple human decency is srevolting beyond description. How on earth can these hypocrites criticise Corbyn for not nodding his head, but turn a blind eye to the shoddy treatment of social housing residents that has left at least 79 people dead. If The Sun and it's ilk used all its revolting armoury of illegal phone taps, intrusive doorstepping, offering cash bungs to coppers etc for leaks, into getting to the truth in this tragedy, we'd soon see the truth emerge. However, they only use these tactics to ensure a nice picture of Kim Kardasians arse or Hugh Grants secret fling on the front page. Heaven forbid that they actually try and serve the interests of the poor mugs who buy their $h1tty rags

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