Friday 30 June 2017

The Friday Joke and the local quiz answers!

Todays joke! And for todays joke, as we are approaching the holiday season, we take a little trip to Tenessee in the US of A!

A Tennessee State Trooper pulled over a pickup on I-65. The trooper asked, “Sir, Got any ID?”
The driver replied, “Bout whut?”

Did you do Yesterdays Local Knowledge Quiz? (if not try it now, click here)

Here are the answers, hope you enjoyed the quiz yesterday. Let us know how you did. Give us your mark (out of 14)

1. The High St. What did you do/get at the following.
A) Dewhursts - Butchers
B) Sketchleys - Dry - Cleaners
C) Charringtons - Coal Merchants
D) Clarkes - Shoe Shops
E) Blue Star - Petrol Station

2. Where can you view a large, bronze naked lady, holding a sword aloft - La Deliverance at Henlys Corner

3. Which is the odd one out?
Barnet FC
Hendon FC
Kentish Town FC
Mill Hill Village FC - Mill Hill Village, the only football club in the list not forced out of the Borough

4. What is the largest area of open water in the London Borough of Barnet - The Welsh Harp

5. Why could you buy a tube ticket for a 240 bus to Mill Hill The Hale? - You could buy a through ticket following the closure of the Mill Hill East to Edgware railway

6. Which school located in Burnt Oak and Edgware boasted former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm MacClaren as an ex pupil - Orange Hill School

7. Which famous anti slavery campaigner is associated with St Paul's church in Mill Hill? - William Wilberforce

8. Which Local Music studio is featured on the cinematic documentary about the life of Amy Winehouse - Mill Hill Music Complex

9. Which pub in the London Borough of Barnet is the highest in London with a London Post Code. - The Rising Sun in Mill Hill

10. What is the busiest tube station in the London Borough of Barnet? - Golders Green - 8.51 Million journeys in 2016


Anonymous said...

A couple of questions about your questions.

Q 1D: The shoe shop is Clarks (without the e). But I seem to remember that Clarkes or Clarks was the name of the haberdashers next to Barnet Church, where Tesco is now. My memory is of polished wood and glass cabinets, and an atmosphere like Grace Brothers. Perhaps someone else remembers it.

Q9: Is the Gate in Arkley not higher than the Rising Sun?


Rog T said...

Re Q9, I'm not sure if the Arkley is higher, but it definately doesn't have a London post code

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! The Gate is in London but has an EN5 postcode.

And, I've just looked (to satisfy curiosity). The Gate is 464ft and the Rising Sun is 444ft.