Wednesday 7 June 2017

Theresa May - Weak and Wobbly, she ain't got a clue

So today is the last day of the general election campaign. In the seven weeks of the campaign, both candidates have been exposed to a ferocious round of challenges. To the complete amazement of just about everybody, Jeremy Corbyn na appeared strong and assurred and has grown into his role. Theresa May on the other hand has had all of her flaws exposed and it has become crystal clear to everyone who is prepared to be open minded about such things, that she is not up to the job. Yesterday, following the latest terrorist outrage, she has proposed a whole new range of anti terrorist legislation. The issue for anyone who cares to think about it, is that she was home secretary for six years and Prime Minister for one. She has done nothing in this period. The one thing she has done is cut the numbers of police. The rational response to an atrocity is to say "what could be done to prevent this". It seems that the only thing that reasonable could have helped is more resources and more officers, so that more people could be monitored. This is the one thing that she can't propose as it would mean admitting that her tenure as Home Secretary was a failure. Passing new laws and giving Police more powers is pointless if there ae not the police numbers to enforce the policy. Giving them the powers to lock up more people is a waste of time if there are not the prison places or numbers of prison officers to deal with the huge influx of people. All of the people who committed the recent atrocities have form. They are all "known to police". The Police have to prioritise who they monitor due to numbers of officers. May has not got a leg to stand on when she defends her record.

She has claimed she is the only person who is capable of "negotiating a good Brexit". The sad truth is that if you fall for that line, you will believe anything. How can someone who is so weak and wobbly that she will send her Home secretary to defend her policies in a leadership debate, 48 hours after her father died,  to do her job, be trusted. This is not strength or leadership. It is a dereliction of duty. You may well believe that the policies of the Tories are better and wish to vote them. That is a perfectly reasonable view to take. If however, you believe what May has said and that the most important things at this election are strong leadership and someone who can negotiate toughly with Europe, then she is clearly not up to the job.

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