Sunday 11 June 2017

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 11/06/2017

This spot is a politics free zone today, so if you were hoping for lots of pictures of campaigners standing with Vote for Me posters, or rather unfunny tweets by failed Stephen Fry wannabee's I apologise! I just think we are all a little bit sick of the subject and there has been other stuff going on!

1. We start with a request for info about the Pie and Mash shop in Burnt Oak. I knew the answer to this one, as I knew Sid from his days running the car wash next to the studios .

2. A rather more alarming story in Golders Green

3. I rather like this little piece of artwork Thanks to Jason Wallace for bringing it to our attention.

4. Interested in things Finchley? A date for your diary

5. A nice piccie of Mill Hill Broadway from Sarah Burr from

6. A shout out for @WestWayNissan who deserve great credit of this act of generosity

7.And a shout out to our local Police volunteers, putting in a shift at Brent Cross

8. Barnet Police trying out some new equipment and tactics?

9. Mill Hill has a new chippy and very good it is!

10. And Finally, Vic Sharma has been making some great music in Mill Hill

Thats all folks!!!!

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