Friday 9 June 2017

Massive Election shock but Tories narrowly hold local seats

Well what a night that was. On Wednesday I predicted that Matthew Offord in Hendon by 1,500 votes. I was out by 500 votes. Offord hung on by just over 1,000. I was at the count last night and until about 2:30am, Labour thought they'd won all three seats. As it turned out, the postal votes swung it for the Tories. Labour estimated that approx 80% of these, cast over two weeks ago, were pro Tory. Why is this significant? Well it seems that many of these were cast before the Tory campaign went off the rails. Chipping Barnet has gone from being a solid Tory seat to a highly marginal one, with a wafer thin majority of around 350. This was perhaps the biggest shock. Mike Freer in Finchley and Golders Green won by approx 1,500, was almost serenely calm by comparison.

All of the local Tories were extremely nervous until the very last minute. Several toldme that the "knives were being sharpened for Theresa May". Given that three weeks ago, we were talking about a 100 seat majority for the Tories and even on Wednesday night a 50 seat majority, it is clear that the Tories have made a major screw up. I can't see how Theresa May can continue. The Tories I spoke to all said she was toast. It has also holed her "Brexit Strategy" beneath the water line. It is all really rather odd. Theresa May has won most seats and seems to be the loser. Jeremy Corbyn, on the back of a strong campaign, has gained much prestige. The Lib Dems have almost doubled the number of seats, but are still in the teens. In short, Theresa May has plunged the country into chaos. For the second time in a year, the Tories have put party above country and plunged us into a chaotic position. Their manifesto has been rejected by the voters. She asked for a mandate and failed to get one.

When it comes down to it, its bad for the UK. I can see no real upside for this vote. If Theresa May simply hangs on, she will become a joke. A someone who loves my country, this is a very bad day and it is all the fault of Theresa May and here dodgy advisers. A party propped up by the DUP is an awful prospect. Lord help us all.

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CalvinCasino said...

I am happy that the Tories have lost overall majority although I am not happy that they are still in power. The minority Tory government. Propped by DUP. Both of parties are conservative (it's same political ideology). It's not going to go well.

Labour done well, gaining 29 seats.