Saturday 10 June 2017

The Saturday list #133 - Six great new places to eat out in the London Borough of Barnet

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Baw Mill Hil
So why this list? Last night, I was exhausted. I'd been up all night at The Election Count at Saracens, I'd then done a full days work. I'd got home and had to take the mutt for walkies. I then had to drop Mrs T (the wife not the local blogger) at a restaurant for dinner with her girlfriends. When all of that was done, I was completely  cream crackered! I just wanted to sit down and fall asleep. As I walked in, my son, who is 17 and doing A/S levels said "Dad, Mum said you were sorting out dinner". My heart sank, but he's been working really hard, so I replied "Why don't we have fish and chips from the new chippy in Mill Hill Broadway". It seemed easier than preparing a five course banquet for him and his sister, so off I trudged to Cannons. This is the new fish and chop shop in Mill Hill Broadway. It is a takeaway only. The fish and chips was excellent and very good value. This will sound very strange, but although I didn't do it last night, there is nothing I like more than sitting in Mill Hill Park, eating a bag of fish and chips and drinking a cup of tea from a Thermos flask (remember them. A little hint if you want decent tea from a thermos. Make the tea in a pot and pour it into the thermos without milk. Have a sperate flask for milk. Then  it tastes proper and doesn't get that stale taste. Keep sperate flasks for tea and coffee as well. They don't mix and you can't get the coffee smell out). Anyway enough of me wittering on. The new chippy made me think it's high time I put a list of the Top Ten new places to eat out in the London Borough of Barnet. Sadly as you can't eat out there, the new Cannons Chippy in Mill Hill doesn't make the list, but I do thoroughly recommend it (my tip is to get a nice bottle of plonk from Mill Hill Wines to wash it down with). Here is the list(sorry of it's a bit Mill Hill centric, that's where I live).

1. Bang Bang Oriental - Colindale. This opens on the 26th June. It is what was the Oriental Centre. It will see the Food Hall return. I am so excited, as this was a regular destination for us.

2. Baw Pan Asian cafe - Mill Hill. Opened earlier this year. The food is good, the service is at times a bit hit and miss, but it is a pleasant place for a night out.

3. Hudsons - Mill Hill. Opened a couple of weeks ago. We had an excellent dinner in there last week. I had a Tuna salad which was delicious, just fancied something light. Nice decor. Not so keen on the breakfast menu, which we tried on Sunday. I had their take on a BLT, some things are perfect and don't need updating and jazzing up!

4. Kiyoto - Mill Hill.  Another new opening. This is top notch, if you like sushi and Japanese food, has an excellent meal here. Nice decor.

5. Everyman Cinema - Barnet. Recently rebranded and done up.  You can eat in the cafe before or take stuff through whilst you watch the film, a great way to while away some time!

6. Guns and Smoke- Barnet - Barnet. I believe this has recently changed hands and is under new management. Been told the burgers are good. Great place to have a burger and watch music

Now I wanted a longer list, but the rules are opened in the last year (or opening soon). So please add a comment with any that you have been to and know are good (ie you've been there or someone you know has).  If you run a recently opened restaurant or venue in the Borough of Barnet, get in touch via the link in the sidebar, and we'll come down and have a look!

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