Monday 19 June 2017

The Tweets of The Week in The London Borough of Barnet - 19/06/2017

I've been a bit busy with music festivals etc this week, so we are a bit late. .Our selection rather focuses on this as a result!. Here is my pick. Don't forget to follow any tweeters you like!

1. Vibe Market organised the Mill Hill Street Markets. Some fun was had!

2. Tomorrow night we have a very special opera in Mill Hill. There are some tickets still left!
3. The opening night of the Mill Hill Music Festival at The Adam and Eve
4.Me time mums rather enjoyed the cheese in Mill Hill!
5. Alasdair Hill was also enjoying the Mill Hill Markets. I wonder if he'd been at the bar before he took this rather wonky picture ;)
6.Mill Hill Rugby Club were also at the Street Market. We were hoping for a Scrum in the Broadway.

7. Mill Hill Wines also have some great deals on craft beers!
8. The Queen even ordered a flypast of the Royal Flight for the fun in Mill Hill

9. If you were at the Mill Hill Street Market, you'd have seen the coolest Pizza Oven in the world!

10. And finally, the Adam and Eve for the Mill Hill Music Festival Jazz Lunch!

Don't forget, there are still tickets available for the Mill Hill Music festival at the Festival Website -

That's all folks

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