Tuesday 6 June 2017

My general Election campaign highlights

I must say that this is probably the strangest election in my lifetime. I thought I'd share a few of my personal highlights with you from Twitter and the internet.

First off, the best campaign video surely goes to Greg Knight - a Conservative from oop North in Yorkshire. Check out his theme tune at the end


On a more serious note, I think this tweet from Jeremy Corbyn is perhaps the key to the result of the election. Theresa May has made "strong and stable" her keywords. I don't see how she can really refute this.

Locally Matthew Offord had a car crash at The Mill Hill Synangogue hustings. Not completely sure if I agree with who won, but agree totally with who the loser was.

Jewish News picked up the story, as did the Daily Mirror. Word on the street is that this may have holed Offord below the water line.

A hard hitting tweet from the Barnet Greens, basically telling all Tory voters who aren't millionaires that they are "misguided". I'm not entirely sure that this is the way to convince voters, but if the Barnet Greens win, I'll eat my hat (to quote Paddy Pantsdown).

Finally, we end this short round up with the surreal spat between Donald Trump and Sadiq Khan following the latest terrorist atrocity. Just when I thought Trump couldn't be more of a complete A-hole. Even the US ambasssador and US Mayors seem to agree with me.

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