Monday 31 July 2017

Anti Semitism at The Sunday Times

This blog was born in 2008, following our objections to Barnet Council giving anti semites a platform, on their in house youtube channel. The Sunday Times yesterday sacked an anti semitic holocaust denier, they were employing as a columnist, following an offensive and highly anti semitic article. There are many questions, such as what was the editor, legal team etc doing letting it appear. What were they doing employing such a character. The bottom line is that these extreme and inflammatory people simply should not be given such a platform.

Of course there are many instances of repulsive discrimination in the press, another recent example being the vile headline in the Mail about a transgender admiral. Sadly in this case no sackings occurred yet. The bottom line is that these sort of article reflect the working culture of the papers and the prejudices of the owners. If you don't want such rubbish to be printed, buy another paper.

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