Wednesday 5 July 2017

The Wednesday Poem #22 - Fog


Rolling back to reveal my face
I'm standing in the marketplace
Where memories when lost or old 
can be exchanged and bought and sold

The fog is clearing to reveal 
The last ten years, I just can feel
I see them now displayed in glow
Memories of ten years ago

Rolling back to reveal the truth 
to show my life from its roots
my memories all disappear
The mindless blank is what I fear

Copyright 1979 - Pete Conway

Guest Poems are always welcome

Today's poem is dedicated to everyone coping with dementia and caring for those who are affected. Make today the day you ring up, visit or show them some love. Specially dedicated to my Auntie Audrey and Uncle Michael.


Anonymous said...

I used to know Pete,why and when did he leave the area and where did he go?

Rog T said...

I haven't seen him since 1985, he now tweets as @BenchmarkPete if you want to get hold of him

Rog T said...

Sorry that's @PeteC_Benchmark

Anonymous said...

Last time I saw him was early 1980!!I recall he lived in MHE but don't remember the road and I think he had a sister?