Sunday 30 July 2017

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 30/07/2017

Welcome, welcome one and all to our most popular weekly feature (most weeks!). Its that time when we delve into the wonderful and whacky world of Twitter and see what all of the local Twits have been up to. And although I often say it, this has been an absolute cracker of a week, some weeks it's a struggle to pick ten, some weeks, I struggle with who to leave out! This was deffo one of the best yet. Thanks team Barnet! Please don't forget to follow any of the Twitteratti who tickle your fancy, as then you won't need me to tell you just how wonderful they are! And without further ado...

1. We start with an absolute cracker from one of my fellow Guardian London Top bloggers. Although I've long been an admirer of his work, I didn't know that the Diamond Geezer was Burnt Oak Alumni.

2.Next up we have a rather saddening tweet from a regular of this column, Mark Aimies has been running a campaign to protect and preserve the Grade II Listed building that is The Railway in Edgware. We are supporting him as best we can

3. Regulars will know we always promote great live music. Today is no exception!

4. Seems like Dr Who has finally got his Tardis cloaking device working properly, so it can blend into a Colindale Building site

5.We've long been supporters of The Colindale Foodbank. By the way if you want to donate, there is a regular collection at The Sacred Heart Church in Mill Hill on the first Sunday of every month. The church acts as the Mill Hill drop off point, the food is collected and delivered the next day. Waitrose in Mill Hill also have a collection point

6. This is a lovely tweet. I may well do one of these walks myself very soon!

7.We always love a historical tweet from the locality. This one is superb!

8. As the son and grandson of immigrants (my Dad came to the UK in 1942 from Australia to fly bombers for the RAF, and my Grandfather came from Ireland in 1916 and was conscripted into the army, fighting in the battlefields of WW1), I was quite touched by this.

9. The Borough of Barnet has some very skilled gardeners in the locality. Loving this one!

10. This is deffo one tweeter you should follow. They will be megastars soon. What a blast was this!

That's all folk's see y'all next week!

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