Tuesday 18 July 2017

Breaking News - Hasmonean School extension rejected by the Mayor of London

Today, Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London rejected the plans to build an extension to Hasmonean School on 17 acres of Green Belt Land in Mill Hill.

A spokesman for the Mayor said Mr Khan has “ consistently stated that protecting London's green belt is one of his priorities and after carefully considering the evidence before him he decided to refuse permission.”

The Mayor said that “due to its location and excessive footprint the project represented an inappropriate development on Green Belt land, would result in the loss of open space and did not include enough sustainable transport measures. “

The school has been advised to  “bring forward an alternative scheme that makes better use of the land occupied by the existing school”.

Commenting on the announcement Andrew McClusky, Executive Head Teacher of Hasmonean High School, said: “We are disappointed that the Mayor of London has decided to disregard the cross-party decision of members of Barnet’s Planning Committee by overturning the planning consent to re-locate Hasmonean High School on a single site."

The Barnet Eye hopes that this will give suitable opportunity to produce a new scheme which is good for the green belt, the community and the school. Whilst we fully understand and support the need for more school places in the London Borough of Barnet, this must not be at the cost of the destruction of the Green Belt. We hope that we see new proposals that we can fully support. 

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