Sunday 16 July 2017

The Tweets of The Week in The London Borough of Barnet 16/07/2016

So here it is again, our most popular regular feature. What has made the top ten this week? Which tweets caught The Barnet Eye? Don't forget to follow any of our local tweeters who tickle your fancy.

1. We start with a tweet from one of our regulars on the subject of the destruction of Colindales Aviation history

2. Thanks to the Burnt Oak Police for this tweet. The Burnt Oak Market cleanup started this week

3. Great Tweet from Ruth Siddal with some excellent pictures of St Margarets

4.Anyone up for some rock climbing in Edgware. Thanks to Fleet Cabs for the tweet

5. A great tweet from Brigitte de Wert, marking the opening of Bang Bang Oriental, a story we've been avidly following

6.We had a horrific car crash in Montrose Avenue. Please take care driving. Thanks to MPS Totteridge for this tweet

7. A great historical tweet. Did you know Cardinal Manning was born in Totteridge?

8.Celebrating the summer garden, with the Finchley Horticultural Society!

9.Odd to think that some people's idea of a good day out would be to see these ripped to shreds by a pack of dogs?

10. A short tour of Mill Hill's finest dance studio, as used by all of the stars!

That's all folks

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