Tuesday 11 July 2017

Step away from that woodpile ma'am!

I awoke to the news that Tory MP Anne Marie Morris has been suspended for making a rather offensive racist remark. I suppose the good news is that the Tories have suspended her and that there is pretty across the board disgust at her behaviour. Someone such as an MP really should display better judgement. Her "I didn't mean to be offensive" defence is simply ridiculous. I sometimes dispair that Parliament is seemingly stuffed full of such idiots with such poor judgement. And then I think to myself that Parliament is meant to reflect society. Sadly Anne Marie Morris isn't the only person who thinks speaking in a racist manner is OK. She is not the only person who uses the phrase. She's not even the only Tory to get caught out using it. If Theresa May wants to prove that the Tory Party has moved on from being the Nasty Party, a phrase she coined, theyn Morris must be sacked. It will send a strong and stable message out that we have zero tolerance to racism.

Once she's done that, then maybe Jeremy Corbyn can send the same message out to the Labour Party on the subject of anti semitism. I am an admirer of Corbyn, but there is an anti semitic element in Labour and the sooner it is eradicated, the better. As a society we really do need to grow up and start treating our fellow citizens with respect. And before anyone says it, if you want to criticise the actions of the Israeli government, it is perfectly possible to do it without being anti semitic. Simply use appropriate language and stick to the policies of the particular party in government that you disagree with, without lacing the criticism with anti semitic language. If however, your problem is that Israel is a Jewish state, you are most likely an anti semite. So take a long hard look at yourself.

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CalvinCasino said...

Hmm politicians. Saying things (including words & terms) that are offensive, outrageous, & out of ordinary.

What is with them (politicians, even the likes of Farege for instance) saying things that are outrageous (even it's true or not true) & get away with it?

I think any politician should think carefully before saying things that he/she could later on regret. It would better for any politician to think of word to use in the sentence which are not offensive & inappropriate.