Tuesday 18 July 2017

The 13th Doctor - Are Daleks allergic to sperm?

Do you remember that amazing episode of Dr Who, where by he dressed up as a super macho version of Rambo, and single handedly wrestled an entire legion of Dalek's and Cybermen to their death, whilst at the same time ravishing a bevvy of scantily clad assistants? No? Well that isn't really surprising because it didn't happen. As a Superhero, Doctor Who is a pretty dull character. He has no superpowers, other than the fact he regenerates when he dies. He can't fly, he doesn't have X-Ray vision. There is no evidence that he's particularly strong. He has a long lifespan, but as an alien from an advanced race, I he's pretty run of the mill. He has two hearts. Oh and it turns out that he can transform into a She given enough go's at regeneration. My wife commented that after 12 goes, it was high time she got it right! So what is the Doctor's special power. Well the Doctor is much cleverer than everyone else. So when there is a fearsome enemy, the Doctor doesn't don the Rambo clobber and batter them to death, the Doctor uses logic, sense and reason to fashion a victory. The Doctor analysis their behaviour and then uses their own weaknesses to defeat them.

It has just been announced that the Doctors 13th persona is female. It seems that this is a big problem for a bunch of Doctor Who fanatics. Whilst they are happy to believe that the Doctor is over 800 years old, comes from another galaxy, lives in a Police Telephone box that can travel through space and time, can be exterminated on a regular basis, can single handedly defeat huge armies of psychotic aliens, without resorting to bigger, better weapons, they cannot accept that the Doctor could have a female persona. I thought that a pre-requisite for being a Doctor Who fan was to have an active imagination and a willingness to suspend belief. Some people have said that the BBC are brave finally making choosing a female actor to play the Doctor. To me it is a perfectly logical way to revive a franchise that has completely run out of ideas. I have always had a soft spot for Doctor Who, but funnily enough I am friends with them man who binned the series the first time. Peter Cregeen was head of light entertainment at the BBC at the time and he felt it had run out of ideas. Whilst some say that the successful return showed he was wrong, Peter felt that it allowed the franchise to reinvent itself.

The series has yet again reached a creative impass and this is an excellent opportunity, with a new creative director for the series. As the Doctor is an alien who has shown no interest in sex in over 50 years, a female incanation is no impediment to the role. Anyone who claims a woman actor isn't clever enough to be Doctor should google Hedy Lamarr, the actress and mathmetician who invented the technology we now use for mobile phones and allowed allied warplanes to have secure communications. Perhaps she should be given the title of honoury Doctor?

I don't recall Dr Who using his sperm (if an alien produces such a thing) to defeat Daleks and Cybermen, therefore there is no earthly reason why a Doctor cannot be a female. My Doctor is female and she does a fine job. She replaced Dr Carswell, a fine man who also did a good job. The  Doctor I had before Dr Carswell was not only female but Asian. She also did a fine job. All Doctors, whether in the NHS or in a Sci Fi series should be judged on results and how they do the job. The word prejudice comes from the tterm to prejudge. Which is exactly what the misogynists prejudging the new doctor are guilty of.

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CalvinCasino said...

I think this is fantastic choice that the next Doctor will be female.

I have been watching Doctor Who for nearly 10 years (yes, I am Whovian). 😀

I recall watching Dr Who episode "Hell Bent" back in 2015 when the Doctor was on his home planet "Gallifrey" & that I did watched the scene that the Doctor shot the man who is in the same species "Time Lord", causing him to regenerate from an old white man into a younger black.

So what is the problem with the idea of having the actress of playing the role of Doctor Who? I see nothing wrong & those who doesn't like the idea of the Female Doctor should seriously get real and stop with this sexism & misgony nonsense.

Look at the Doctor's archenemy The Master as he did regenerated into Missy (the Female Master). If he (The Master) can regenerate from male to female, so can the Doctor & other Time Lords as we know that Time Lords do regenerate.

All 12 actors who played the Doctor Who character (The Doctor) were all male. It is a fact. Some of people do like change & some of people do not like change. So genders does not matter as Time Lords like the Master & the Doctor can change different gender by regeneration.

So I am looking forward for Jodie Whittaker of playing the role as the Doctor from next year, starting with this Doctor Who Christmas episode.