Sunday 23 July 2017

The Tweets of The Week in The London Borough of Barnet - 23/7/2017

It's Sunday so it's time for our favourite regular feature. Don't forget to follow any local tweeters who might tickle your fancy (or anything else!). Once again a rather interesting and varied selection!

1. We start in Burnt Oak. A terrible fire and a reminder of what a brave bunch the London Fire service are.

2. Nice historical tweet from LCC Municipal

3.Dipa Patel has found a rather good reason to nip up to Colindale

4. Hendon FC asked for us to retweet this. We've done one better and put it here!

5.This is a nice one. I wonder if I can get the chairman of Thameslink to open my train set!

6.Communist polt exposed in East Finchley! (sorry for the awful Daily Mailesque pun)

7.Fancy a bit of sausage! Cricklewood's your place. I've had one of these tasty bangers and can thoroughly recommend it

8. need your monobrow sorting? Seems like Edgware is the place to be

9. Our Barnet_rebel does love his sparrows!

10. And finally... Excuse the narcissism, but I am chuffed about this

That's all folks!!!!!

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