Saturday 4 August 2018

Colindale Foodbank appeals for donations for the the Summer Holiday - Watch the video to find out why

For many people and families dealing with financial hardship, times such as the summer holidays are especially difficult. Colindale Foodbank appealing for donations to help people get through this time. 

Colindale Foodbank invited local filmmaker Roger Tichborne down to see the operation in action and show why the donations make such a difference. 

The video dispels the myth that Foodbanks give handouts to people who don't need it and shows that it can help turn people's lives around. Roger said "It was a  real eye opener to see the Foodbank in operation and hear the stories of the volunteer and clients. Whilst all compassionate people would prefer it if there was no need for foodbanks, if we don't generously support them, the hardest pressed families in our community go hungry. Whilst we need to find long term solutions to alleviate poverty, in the short term a donation to the foodbank is a practical way to make a difference".

This weekend, the Sacred Heart church in Mill Hill holds its monthly collection. Simply drop off bags  for collection in the foyer area (Narthex) of the Church or on the alter if you are attending a service. Other  Mill Hill locations are also listed below. 

The foodbank recently issued the following tweet

Other urgently needed items include:

Small packs of Washing powder
Cooking oil 
tinned fruit
UHT/Powedered Milk
Sponge Pudding (tinned)
Tomatoes (tinned)
Rice pudding (tinned)
Instant Mash potatoes
Tinned meat and fish
Tinned Vegetables
Biscuits or snack bars

The full list of local drop off points.

The Sacred Heart Church, Mill Hill Broadway - First Sunday of every month  (1st Saturday & Sunday in every month )
St Michael and All Angels Church, Flower Lane Mill Hill - Every Sunday - 10am
Waitrose, 2 Langston Way, Mill Hill East - Hours - 0800 – 2100 front of store near exits
Tesco, Brent Cross Hendon Way Superstore  - Hours - 24 hours inside store
Trinity Church, Northwest Centre, NW9 5QY Tues & Thurs 12-2:30pm

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