Wednesday 29 January 2020

The Fall of Edgware - Time for action on the massive Edgware Railway Hotel fly tip - Do this now!

There has been huge interest in the film by Mark Amies and the blog we wrote detailing the issues. About the fall of Edgware  and the appalling state of the pub and the huge fly tip at the back, on the former metalworks. Marks film is the most watched video in the Borough of Barnet this week, with over 1,500 views in a couple of days. This is quite unprecedented for a locally produced film and shows the strength of feeling.

Now is the time for action. There have been hundreds of comments on Facebook and Twitter, but this means nothing. If you want to stop the destruction of Edgware then you need to take action. Several people have asked for a petition. There is no need for a petition, as there is something far more powerful, that ensures the Council take notice. That is to leave an objection on the planning application. There are currently 24. The time to do it is now and it is very easy. This is the text of the comment I left.
"This site was formerly an industrial site. The policies of both the Mayor of London and Barnet Council state that industrial sites should not be turned into car parks. The owner has deliberately allowed the site to become a rubbish dump to pressure the local community into accepting their plans. The council should issue a compulsory purchase order and use the space for the benefit of Barnet residents, rather than someone who clearly is unfit to manage such a space"
Put your own comment in the comment box, make sure you click the "Object" box and also select whether you are a member of the public or neighbour.

Click this link now to enter your objection. We need as many as possible to show the stength of local feeling. Barnet Council needs to be made aware that local people have had enough of this neglect.

When you have done that, share this with all of your friends and family who know about the pub and make sure they do. If you haven't seen Marks film yet, please watch this and share with all of your friends (click on this to play)

Thank you for your support

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