Friday, 17 January 2020

The Friday Joke - The dodgy album launch

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It's Friday so here's a joke for you to start the weekend. A true and rather amusing tail from our archive.

As many people who read the blog know, I run a music studio. This is one of my favourite tales.

A local Mill Hill band decided to release their own album. The album was a rather interesting collection of rock numbers that sounded a bit like out takes from Electric by The Cult, circa 1983. The sort of stuff that hardened Cult fans buy on bootleg CD's and only ever play to other hardened Cult fans to show off, whilst secretly knowing it isn't the best.

The band did all of the things that one might think a band should consider. This included setting up a rather impressive website to promote the band and making the perfunctory video to promote the band. They conducted a social media blitz, setting up dozens of spammy accounts to promote the album and following all sorts of shady individuals in the hope of a plug or a mention.

Sadly for them, their efforts started to attract derision from other bands in the locality, who thought it all a tad contrived. In response, the spammy accounts started to spread all manner of dodgy rumours about other Mill Hill associated bands. This only attracted more derision. The bands nemesis was a Troll named 'Bumfluff' who took great pleasure in winding the poor individuals up, posting all manner of sarcastic comments.

Eventually this campaign of harassment reached the point where the bassplayer in the band could take it no more. At a gig in a Barnet hostelry, he announced from his microphone to the assembled rather bemused fans"I have a big problem with Bumfluff , if anyone has any information about Bumfluff, please tell me after the gig". As almost nobody in the pub had actually seen any of the social media shenanigans, because most rock fans have better things to do, the announcement was met first with bemusement and then hilarity. Sadly it all proved too much for the bassplayer, who left the band shortly after.

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Anonymous said...

Had the misfortunate to meet the individual behind this particular band once. A creepy experience from start to finish.