Wednesday, 8 January 2020

The Wednesday Poem and local music and culture round up

We'll start with congratulations to Mark Warren for winning the Barnet Libraries local photography competition with this absolutely amazing picture of the Totteridge Valley. We've been supporting this competition and are pleased that it got such a great response.


Reality Ballroom

Don't know faces, out of place
Iraqi's killing their own race
The atmosphere of war is soaring
Dimly lit, reality Ballroom

Copyright 1979 & 2020 Pete Conway/Roger Tichborne

This is the second verse of a song I co wrote with Pete Conway in 1979, which I have slightly updated. The song is about awaking from a nightmare, to find that reality is even worse. I never dreamed that when we wrote it, we'd have a situation 40 years later, where a President of the USA would threaten cultural heritage sites. It is depressing beyond belief. I always used to believe that sane rational people would always seek to leave the world a better place after they've gone. What will Trumps legacy be? I hope it is not the same as the Taliban smashing ancient treasures in Afghanistan.


Local Gigs

A bit of a dry time of year, but here are a few to note. Starting with tonight!

This Sunday in Finchley


And coming up

And coming up at The Arts Depot

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