Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Back to work - five things I'm missing from lockdown

For me, lockdown ended on the 14th June, when we reopened the studios to the general public. Well it sort of ended. Work restarted, sadly most of the things I enjoy in my leisure time are still not happening. No going to football, no gigs, no going to the gym with a relaxing sauna afterwards. The pub experience has been a bit odd. I've been into two so far. One was almost over zealous in its application of the social distancing rules, the other had no rules at all. We even had the joy of being accosted by a drunken BBC news journalist before we left!

Last night, I had a quiet beer in the Services club, watching a fascinating game of football, with a couple of friends. The subject of what we were missing from lockdown came up. I am missing very little, but there are a few things. Here is my list.

1. I am missing not being able to see people who irritate me that I have to see to be polite.

2. I am missing not being able to park outside my front door, as shoppers nicking the space to go to the Broadway are back en masse.

3. I am missing the hot days spent sunbathing in the garden, during the peak days of lockdown.

4. I am missing the angst of Leeds supporters, as they struggled to cope with the prospect of having promotion ripped from them. Although I could never see a situation where this actually happened, unlike Liverpool they were nowhere near far enough ahead to claim it was properly in the bag and that they could justifiably claim they were robbed.

5. I am missing the 'clap for carers'. I thought it was right and proper that we express our gratitude to the NHS workers and other key workers. I think it's a shame that as things now we return to normal that we forget the contribution.

What are you missing?

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