Thursday, 16 July 2020

This really makes me sick! My first rant of the post lockdown era

Time for a little rant. This makes me sick. If you are responsible you are a class A twat. What is wrong with you? Do you still get mummy to wipe you bum when you go to the bog? You are a disgrace. Of course, you probably won't read this because you are too thick to navigate your way around a keyboard. Rant over.

If you want 5 good reasons why this deserves such a rant.

1. It spoils these beautiful places for everyone else.
2. It costsus all as taxpayers, to have it cleaned up (yes, surprisingly it doesn't magically disappear).
3. This causes harm to animals.
4. It causes people to feel upset.
5. It reminds us that people who are selfish and care nothing for anyone else walk amongst us.

Apologies for the strong language, but it is deserved. We endorse this message from Barnet Council

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