Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Dog poo

I took this picture whilst walking over Darlands Nature reserve this morning. What is the matter with people. What part of the term 'nature reserve' don't they understand. Surely we all know plastic is harmful to the environment. What earthly reason can any dog walker have for not carrying this to the nearest bin. Sadly this is not unique.

Lets not beat about the bush. If you behave like this and leave your poo for other people to clean up, then you are a class A moron. I urge anyone who sees someone do this to pull them up for it. I walk two large dogs. There is no reason to do this. It is bad for the environment, plastic can kill other animals. It is anti social, why should someone else have to clean up your mess?

If you don't care about other people and you don't care about the environment, put simply, you are not fit to own a dog

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Fraser said...

Its pretty much the same where we live in a village just outside Crewe. One footpath I call Dogpoo Alley due to the number of little black bags around. Yet here the council have installed poobins at places where there is a lot of dog walking activity. We ocasionally look after a really lovely King Charles spaniel and always clear up and dispose properly.