Saturday, 4 July 2020

The Saturday List #269 - The Lockdown is lifted list

Today Lockdown is lifted on Pubs (sadly not on music venues and theatres)

So in honour of this, I thought I'd make a list of the things I did during lockdown, both bad and good that I will remember it for.

1. Lost my Auntie Audrey, the last of my mums siblings, who passed due to covid in April - RIP Audrey, I hope we can give you a proper send off at some point.

2. Wrote a song for Black lives matter, which I think is rather good.

3. Baked a very chocolatey chocolate cake for my daughters birthday, It was rather yum. I never cook sweet things as a rule.

4. Perfected the art of cooking roast potatoes. I know think I am a world master!

5. Got to explore Daarlands nature reserve and find a whole new set of trails and walks.

6. Got the all clear following my MRI from cancer for another year.

7. Saw London as I'd never seen it before, a deserted zombie apocalypse scene

Mill Hill to UCH Lockdown 07/05/20

8. Made some rather good Spotify playlists (if I do say so myself!)

9. Had some truly bizarre dreams, some of which have scarred me permanently.

10. Realised just how much I truly love my wife and children.

That's all folks

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