Monday, 20 July 2020

Why Shamima Begum should have a U.K. trial

Seeing all of the comments regarding Shamima Begum, there are a few points people need to bear in mind.

1. In the U.K. the rule of law applies to everyone. We dont summarily convict anyone without a trial. We can’t only give the full protection of the law to those we like, we give it to those we despise, because that way we ensure justice is done. After WW2 the Nuremberg trials were conducted under British Law and the likes of Herman Goering, who by any measure was more evil than Begum got a fair trial. Stalin wanted to summarily execute the top 50,000 Nazis, but the U.K. insisted that we demonstrate law and justice had won. That is why Begum should face a British court. If the result is she loses her passport and is booted out, after a term in jail, that is fine if due process is followed.

2. The Birmingham 6 and Guildford 4 trials show us what happens when the tabloid press whip the nation into a frenzy. There are people who have done worse things than her walking our streets. Much as I hate this, it’s the price for living in a Liberal democracy.

3. The logical alternative is we live in a society like China, where we are currently seeing persecution of Uihgar minorities etc. That’s what happens when you don’t have proper legal process.

4. Legal aid cannot only be given to nice people and those who are probably innocent. Sadly, even monsters should get it, if they qualify. What that ultimately means is the system is transparent and we know that people are in prison because they should be. Of course there are always miscarriages of justice, but the more we ensure that access to legal process is available, the better the quality of the law we receive.

5. One of the greatest qualities of Great Britain is that we live under the rule of law. If ever this is not the case, we will all be vulnerable. Beware of populist politicians who use such cases to undermine universal access to justice.

To finish. My concern with Shamima Begum receives justice and stands trial for her crimes. She was born and raised in the UK and if she has broken our laws, she should be dealt with by our legal system. I happen to think that we deal with convicted terrorists too leniently. I have been following the case of a convicted terrorist, who had been part of a plot to blow up a Jumbo jet. He had been sentanced to four years and served two. He was released and living on benefits. A man who was part of a plot to kill hundreds. I find it hard to believe Begum is worse than him and less entitled to a U.K. trial. This view may not be popular, but neither was the campaigns for the G4 and B6 at the time.

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