Sunday, 26 July 2020

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 26/7/2020

Can you believe it? It's already the final Sunday in July, where has the year gone? So little has happened, but we're more than half way through the summer! When lockdown started, I wondered whether it was worth carrying on with this feature, but it has been more popular than ever and I've found a whole bunch of amazing tweeters. If anything it's been a bit more interesting, as it hasn't been a summer promoting garden parties etc, fun though these are and necessary though it is to promote them, some of the stuff has been amazing. But as things open up a semblance of normality returns. I look forward to our first local dog show!

1. Well done to all our community minded citizens

2. And speaking of community minded citizens, I'd put Mr Mark Amies pretty near the top of the pile. Our local pub champion

3. Another community minded local is Sally Baily, Vicar of St Margarets in Edgware, one of the few remaining parts of the High St in Edgware that brings a smile to my face. Sad that idiotic morons have been desecrating her churchyard

4. Do you remember Cricklewood when it was like this? You must have a good memory if you do!

5. Nice!

6. Follow this account if you care about our local pubs

7. If the piccie made you feel a bit hungry, then follow this account!

8. Back to Edgware, back in time

9. The best way to get fit!

10. Good luck to everyone doing music exams today. Hard work pays off!

That's all folks

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