Friday, 30 October 2020

Funky Friday - Top Ska and Reggae tunes to get you dancing - My Playlist from the Robert Elms show

 Today I had the honour of being asked to do the Funky Friday slot on The Robert Elms show. As I am more of a Punk and Reggae man than a Funker, I chose some rather old school Ska and Reggae tracks. I was a tad overwhelmed with the response. One listener emailed Robert to say that she'd been having an awful time and it had made her smile and made her realise she could get through her problems. There was a great response on Facebook and Twitter, so I put together a playlist of Ska and Reggae songs, starting with mine and Roberts choices. I am not entirely surprised that Roberts choices would have appeared on my list had he picked them or not, they were top choices. To me Ska music is part of the core DNA of London.  Here is my skanking playlist to get you dancing

If you want to listen again to the show, forward to 03:04:10 for my selections. I can recommend the slot on Style Council and Bananarama as well.



Unknown said...

Great selection there Roger
Well done Mate👍

Unknown said...

We seem to share a hard drive . . .