Tuesday 9 February 2021

1957 vs 2021 - A guest blog by Richard Wilkinson

Have you ever considered how much life has changed over the last 60 odd years? I thought it might be fun to list how things have changed. I hope you enjoy this. If you don't know what the item in the first column is, ask your great grandma. It is amusing to think that none of the 2021 list would have meant anything

1957. The Milkman                           2021. Ocado

1957. Warm Bitter in the pub            2021. Chilled wine at home

1957. A Telegram                             2021. Whatsapp

1957. Encyclopedia                           2021. Alexa

1957. 78 rpm record                         2021. Spotify

1957. Mug of Tea                              2021. Skinny Latte

1957. Lighting the fire                         2021. Smart House

1957. The Chippy                               2021. Deliveroo

1957. Brylcream                                 2021. Texturizing hair putty

1957. Steam Trains to work                2021. Work from home

1957. Polio Jab                                   2021. Covid vaccine

1957. Church fair                                2021. Go fund me page

1957. The Radio                                 2021. Netflix

1957. Germs                                       2021. Mutant variant virus

1957. The local dancehall                    2021. Tinder (other services are available)

1957. Smog                                        2021. Global warming

1957. Car Key                                   2021. Fob

1957. Woolworths                              2021. Amazon

1957. Bacon and Eggs                         2021  Kale shake

1957. Malnutrition                                2021. Diabetes

1957. PE                                              2021. Gym class

1957. Movie Star                                  2021. Celebrity

1957. Fun fair                                        2021. Theme park

1957. Arthur Askey                               2021. Alan Carr

1957. Hose pipe and domestos              2021. Mobile dog groomer

1957. Life and soul of the party               2021. Customer of the Priory

1957. Meeting mates in the pub               2020. Zoom call with friends

1957  Showing off                                   2021. Posting selfies

1957. Exaggerating                                  2021. Bigging it up 

1957. Conman                                         2021. Internet scammer

1957. Dirty old man in the park                2021. Internet groomer

Do you have any for the collection?   


Richard Wilkinson is a Mill Hill Resident. Richard runs the Mill Hill directory, a completely free guide to life in Mill Hill for both uses and businesses, a useful bookmark, if you need to get in touch with local traders, delivery services or need transport information https://millhillbroadway.org/services.php

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Fraser said...

Well, for Barnet, don't forget the trolleybus ! Would that we had them now with the need to cut vehicle emissions !