Monday, 15 February 2021

How you can save the London economy when lockdown is lifted

 The mood music has changed and the wind is definitely blowing warmer with regards to the chill of lockdown. Hopefully by the end of the month we will have a 'roadmap' to freedom. As our thoughts turn to what we will be doing, we should all be giving a thought to how we can help London get back on its feet. many businesses have had their finances decimated by the lockdown. The hospitality industry has been especially hard hit, but there are other areas of the economy that are also suffering. We've made a list of ten things you might want to consider doing, to help hard presssed sectors. Why not print this off and tick them off as you do them. Of course we can't do it today, but lets start thinking about. 

1. Have a beer and/or a meal at your local pub/restaurant or bar. This sector has been hit harder than just about any other. Please bear in mind that many will take time to find their feet again, so don't be surprised if the menu is limited, they haven't got your favourite tipple or they are out of peanuts. Give them time and help them rebuild. If we don't support these businesses, they will not pull through.

2. Go to a grassroots sports event. The Premiership has an income stream from TV. The smaller clubs, for instance Barnet FC locally have no such lifeline. Get back on the terraces when they open. Spend some money on beer/tea/coffee/pies. For me, the day Hadley FC welcome back fans will be a very happy day.

3. Buy something from your local independent traders. Whilst many have been doing some business on click and collect, for most this has not replaced the lost turnover. Small shops selling clothes, gifts, Jewellery, musical instruments etc are deemed non essential and have had to shut. Make it worth their while reopening.

4. Get a haircut. Most of us are starting to look as if we've been stranded on a desert Island. Get your hair done, your nails buffed up etc.

5. Get your car washed. Car washes have been forced to shut. Help them get back on their feet. Most are small, family run businesses.

6. Go and see some live music. This sector has been closed for a year. Music is a key area for the UK economy, what could be better than seeing some great live music, whether it is in a small club or in one of our amazing big venues.

7. Go to the Theatre and see a production. Like live music Theatres have suffered. Help them get back on their feet.

8. Visit an attraction. London has many key attractions. It will be a long time before Tourism returns to normal levels, so what better time to check them out, before they are back to their normal busy levels.

9. Go to the cinema. Cinema's are another area that have taken a real pasting. If you love the cinema, get back in there.

10. Give a donation to your favourite charity if you have some spare cash. Charities haev had more work and less income. Help them do their job, so we can all get back on our feet. Although donating to a charity is not as much fun as going for a meal, seeing a band or going to the Theatre, sadly it is an area of the economy we'll need more than ever.

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