Sunday 28 February 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 28th February 2021 - The last day of winter!

 Lets start with a little reminder. Today is the 28th February. It is the official last day of Winter. It has been a grim old year. Better times are on the horizon. I genuinely believe that the second half of this year will be a very good one. There will be problems, many of us will still be mourning loved ones, recovering from long covid, but it appears that the pandemic is receding and is genuinely on the decline this time. 

Which brings us to the tweeters of Barnet and how they've been amusing themselves. Here is our pick. We hope it brings a little joy in these times. 

1. Well lets start by hoping everyone had a Happy Purim celebration.

2. Thanks to @Time_NW for some rather amazing pictures of Edgware taking shape in 1905 and 1930. THis is a great twitter feed for those who love local history

3. And whilst on the subject of Purim and Edgware, a nice tweet from the Mill Hill historical society, showing that in 1939, just before the outbreak of WW2, we had excellent community relations locally. It is nice to be able to say that this is still true



4. Some good news and some bad news for our local non league football fans. Non League Tier 3-6 has been cancelled for the season, however the FA Vase continues

5. A shout out to the Day of the Raj and everyone else doing stirling work in our community during these difficult times.

6. I was delighted to see a picture of one of my neighbours in this tweet. A big shout out to the good neighbour scheme for their work in our community


7. I'm sure you'll agree that these are awesome wildlife pictures from Don AKA @Barnet_rebel


8. If you have a minute, this may make you smile


9.Excuse the language in the pictures, but a local has launched a rather interesting sticker campaign to inform 'Taggers' what we think of them. I'd be interested to know the geenral view on this campaign. Good or bad thing?


10. Live music in your front room tomorrow!


That's all folks.



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