Monday 1 February 2021

Standing up for our music scene - A guest blog by Luisa Porritt

 With the problems encountered by Musicians in relation to gigging and working in the EU, we contacted Luisa Porritt, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London in the May elections to state her position. Luisa has agreed that this is an important issue and made this a part of her address. This is what she told us.

With the cancellation of live events due to Covid-19, it’s been a tough year for musicians. And the Brexit deal is set to make it tougher for them to share their music across Europe, at a time when we should be looking forward to hearing them play again once everyone has been safely vaccinated.

Expensive visas and endless paperwork for live performers and their equipment is making the prospect of touring unviable - musicians' main source of income. I will fight for paperwork-free tours.

London’s Mayor should be an ambassador for our city, its people, values and priorities. I will use the relationships I've built as an MEP and beyond to protect London’s future as a European city.

As Mayor, I’ll always be a champion for London having the closest possible relationship with the EU, and an advocate for future membership.

Hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

Luisa Porritt
Liberal Democrat Candidate for Mayor of London


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